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Hüseyin Akarslan

Hüseyin AKARSLAN, Counter Terrorism Department of Turkish National Police

Hüseyin AKARSLAN graduated from Police Academy in 2002 and completed postgraduate training at Institute of Security Sciences on Forensic Sciences in 2011.  He worked at Bolu Police Department, Batman Police Department and General Directorate of Security HQ in different ranks and positions mostly IT related. Mr. Akarslan has expertise in Computer Crimes, Computer Forensics and System Administration. Published a book about Computer Crimes in 2012. Recently working at Counter Terrorism Department of Turkish National Police as a Deputy Chief of IT Unit and studying on Cyber Terrorism, Blockchain and IOT subjects.

Title: Dark Side of Blockchain; New Challenges for Fighting Against Cyber Terrorism

Summary: Technological developments that accelerated in the 21st century, while providing great positive contributions to societies, bring with them some problems. Especially the using of technological opportunities in the crime world is a new threat to public security. Blockchain technology is becoming more popular day by day. Both financial and nonfinancial Blockchain applications especially the best known one Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies give some opportunities to criminals.

Fighting against terrorism in cyberspace is more difficult than real life. Distributed applications without a central authority are easy to use by terrorist organizations for different purposes especially financing of the terrorism. On the other hand, Blockchain applications have some vulnerabilities like any software so they can be the target of terrorist attacks in the near future!