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Osman Şen

Dr. Osman ŞEN, Counter Terrorism Department of Turkish National Police

PhD Osman ŞEN graduated from Police Academy in 1999, received his MSc degree in 2011 and PhD degree in 2016 from Gazi University Institute of Social Sciences, International Relations. He worked at Intelligence and Counter Terrorism Units of vary Police Departments of the country. He is still working as the Chief of  Combating Terrorist Organizations Abusing Religion Division. Mr. Şen published a lot of books and articles about terrorism.

Title: Turkey’s Fight Against DEASH Terrorist Organization and DEASH Activities in Cyberspace

Summary: Turkey has been leading a determined fight against DEASH going back to the times the organization was part of Al Qaeda.  The attacks of DEASH against Turkey have led to the loss of many civilian, military and police person lives. As a result of the country-wide coordinated efforts against the organization, its logistical network and ability to stage attacks has been severely impaired. As a result of Turkey’s fight against terror, a wave of terror anther country would not have been able to handle has been brought under control. The precautions taken against Foreign Terrorist Fighters are constantly being maintained at the highest levels. The wall built along our border has made it difficult for FTFs to cross the border. This is thanks to operation Eurphrates Sheild, the restrained use of force on our border based on the principle of reciprocity, border security, checkpoints along roads and risk analysis groups. As a result of these efforts, illegal crossings along the Gaziantep – Kilis border have been reduced drastically.