International Congress on Big Data

Yılmaz Vural

Yılmaz Vural

Director of Data Security and Information System Unit, Turkish Data Protection Authority

Dr Yılmaz VURAL is graduated from the Hacettepe University Department of Computer Engineering Ph.D. program, where completed my thesis on “p-Gain: Privacy Preserving Utility-Based Data Publishing Model”. He has a strong interest in information security and data privacy, particularly in Personal Data Protection. Dr.Vural is a head of data security and information systems at Turkish Data Protection Authority. His research interests include Information Security and Privacy Preserving Methods. Dr. Vural has also been an Adjunct Lecturer at the Hacettepe and Gazi University. He has been teaching various courses including data privacy and information security. He has published more than 20 papers in conference proceedings and as a journal paper.

Title: Understanding Privacy in Digital Age

Summary: Privacy refers to the desire of data subjects to control or have some influence over personal data about themselves. The variety and the volume of data produced by information technologies is growing exponentially day by day. These data are being shared with associated partners for legal obligations, scientific research and for all the other purposes. Among thsee publicly available shared open data, there are personal and sensitive data that require protection from disclosure. While thsee shared data present opportunities and ease of use to parties in need, it also brings privacy concerns and risks to the data subjects. This talk focuses on  advances in new technologies, raising concerns about privacy and its impacts, and violation and tries to answer to the question “What impact will technologies have on privacy in the digital age?”